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Transform Procrastination into Action!

We are all guilty of putting things off indefinitely. Sometime later, maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week or next month. If you just don’t have time, or the prospect of the task is less than exciting, or the thought of the job seems overwhelming…it can get pushed back day after day.

Dealing with procrastination is more about creating a plan and sticking to it and less about an individual being inept to get the job done. Let’s take a few minutes to explore ways you can begin to transform procrastination into tenacity.

1. Examine what the core issue is: anxiety or fear, difficulty focusing, time management problems, perfectionism, etc. If you feel you have an “incapacity” to get things done (as many of us do at times), this belief can be acting as a self-fulfilling prophesy.
2. Evaluate your priorities and values to decide if the incomplete task is significant enough to get done in a timely manner.
3. Set the task as a priority if it is important enough, and then create a reasonable timeline to get it done. This can be written down or discussed with others as a display of commitment.
4. Find ways to get yourself motivated. Small incentives can go a long way. Somehow when you consider a reward (like a cup of sorbet after cleaning the bathroom), the job doesn’t seem as bad.
5.  Execute your plan of action. Focus on the task and get it done!  As the old adage goes, “The hardest part of any journey is taking the first step.”