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Tips to Plan Your Organizing Projects

1. Schedule different tasks for each day you plan to organize.
Your schedule may account for no more than an hour each time (to avoid feeling overwhelmed). Write out your plan and make sure you work in just one area at a time. By creating a system, you can make a big difference in your home or office over time. The activities might look something like this:

  • Monday: Closets
  • Tuesday: Cabinets
  • Wednesday: Drawers
  • Thursday: Photos
  • Friday: Basement
  • Weekend: Recuperate

2. Prevent and avoid distractions.
Make sure you don’t have your favorite TV program on and your cell phone is set on vibrate while you are organizing. It is also a good idea to turn your computer screen off to avoid getting caught up in responding to emails or participating in social networking sites. Think ahead about things that may give you an excuse to disrupt your progress, and only answer calls and emails that are absolutely mandatory. The less distractions, the better.

3. Savor the weather while you organize.

When the weather is pleasant, open your windows and let the sun light in while you work. Breathe in the fresh air and soak in the sun for an energy boost. After you organize for an hour, reward yourself by going outside and enjoying the warmth and beauty of the outdoors. If you can set time aside, take a walk somewhere like a local park or coffee shop after your hard work.

4. Plan to donate or sell items you don’t use.

With the items that you never use or don’t need, consider if you want to sell or donate them. To sell items, you can plan a yard sale or list them on a website like eBay. To donate, you can box the items and drop them off at a Goodwill/Thrift Store (or any other non-profit organization). Some organizations will even pick them up from your home.

5. Change your perspective to view Spring Cleaning as fun.

Before you begin each day, remind yourself about the end result that you’ll get after the organizing is done. Envision the space you are working on after it is transformed. If you change the idea of organizing from a “chore” to something like a restorative exercise, then the process will be much more bearable- and maybe even enjoyable. To facilitate this process, play your favorite music as you organize.

Take to mind that Spring Cleaning can be done on the inside and as well as the outside. Take inventory of how “cleansing” it can feel to get spaces in your home or office organized!