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Spring into Action to Get Organized!

My latest blog on Spring Organizing was posted on the National Association of Professional Organizers, Greater Philadelphia Chapter website! You can read it below, or find it on the NAPO-GPC site here:

This is the time of year when we apply the adage, “Out with the old and in with the new.” Spring is the season when we seek a fresh start and begin to organize our living and work spaces. Here are 5 simple tips to initiate your process of renewal.

1. Clean to a Theme

If staying in one area to clean and organize is a challenge for you, then create a daily theme for the activity. For example, the first day, you can purge sock drawers. The next day, organize areas with linens and so on. Organizing to a theme can help you stay focused and complete your work without being confined to one area.

2. Prevent & Avoid Distractions

While you are organizing, make sure to turn off your favorite TV show and set your cell phone to vibrate. It is also a good idea to shut or lock your computer screen to avoid being tempted to answer emails and engage in social media. Think ahead to prevent using excuses to disrupt your progress and only answer calls or emails that are mandatory. The less distractions, the better!

3. Savor the Weather While You Work

When the weather is beautiful and sunny, use it to your advantage. Open the windows and let the fresh breeze in. Breathe in the fragrant air and soak in the sun for an energy boost. After you organize for an hour, reward yourself by going outside for a break to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the outdoors. At the end of your productive day, take a walk to the park to celebrate your accomplishments.

4. Donate/Sell Unused Items

Consider turning over clothing, linens, children’s toys or any other items you haven’t used in the past year to those who are in need. When it comes to clothing, remember that the average person wears 20% of her/his clothing 80% of the time. Use Spring Cleaning as a motivation to purge storage areas like closets, cupboards and basements. If you want to donate items, many organizations will pick them up from your home. To sell unwanted items, you can plan a yard sale, consign them or sell them on a website like eBay.                                

5. Exchange Muted Colors for Brighter Ones  

During Spring Cleaning, it is the perfect time to change out plain or muted colors with lighter and more vibrant ones. It is also a great time to wash all of your linens (bed & table) and clothes that have been stashed in your closets all year. For easy storage of the bed linens, fold the sheets into squares and store them inside pillowcases.

If you create a plan and follow these tips, you can get the most out of your Spring Cleaning. What are some additional ways you organize and refresh your spaces in the Springtime?