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Member Spotlight by the Independence Business Alliance

Spaces Transformed was “spotlighted” by the Independence Business Alliance in their January newsletter! Here’s the article:

Name of Company/Business/Organization: Spaces Transformed


Contact: Dan Loya


Title/Position: Owner/Professional Organizer


Years with company and/or years in business: 1 year in Philadelphia, 2 years in Los Angeles


Description of service: I am in the business of helping people achieve peace of mind. If an individual or small business owner is dealing with clutter, feeling overwhelmed, or can’t find important items, I help them attain balance and order. This is done by addressing organizational challenges and creating new systems that are more effective. The main benefit for my clients is saving time, money, and space.


Company or organization you respect most.  Why? As an organizer, I appreciate the National Association of Professional Organizers. They provide structure, networking/collaboration opportunities, and commitment to a high level of ethics to our industry. All members of NAPO are part of a recognized and reliable association whose members adhere to a code of ethics when conducting business. NAPO has afforded me endless opportunities to increase my knowledge of the industry, learn new organizational principles, and to work with mentors who have thrived in their businesses for over 20 years.


Business leader or innovator you most want to emulate.  Why? An innovator I strive to emulate is Thomas Edison. As a child I was always fascinated by his tenacity and his drive. In middle school, my science instructor had a large poster displayed in his classroom with a headline that quoted Edison. It read, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Throughout my career as a teacher, corporate employee/manager, and now as an entrepreneur I have adopted this as my motto.


What is the most important business decision you’ve made to date? To take the risk and start my own business. I wanted to be self-employed for many years, but it wasn’t until I felt miserable and dispensable in the corporate world (after the collapse of the economy), that I took the leap of faith. A year later, I have a successful business and I have worked with dozens of clients who feel and live better after working with me.


What is the most important life decision you’ve made to date? After meeting the guy I knew was my soul mate on a work trip in 2005, I decided to move from Los Angeles to Seattle (after a year of long distance dating). My partner, who is a professional ballet dancer, and I have been a committed couple for almost 7 years now. We are partners in business and partners in life.


When and why did you join the IBA? After moving to Philadelphia in June of 2011, I was invited to a GPPN event by Mark Beyerle. At that and every subsequent GPPN meeting, I met IBA members who encouraged me to join IBA. Eventually I decided it would be a great move as my business expanded, so I recently joined. In addition to this, having the support of LGBT business owners and professionals is very important to me.


Since joining the IBA, what has been the greatest advantage to you and your business being a member of the Chamber? Meeting people who share astute advice with me about growing my business has been a clear advantage of membership. Also, it has been like becoming a member of an extended family of like-minded people who are open and welcoming. I am glad to be a new member of IBA!


What is your proudest moment, honor, or achievement? Earning undergraduate and advanced degrees were incredibly significant achievements in my life. My parents did not attend college, and my paternal grandmother did not graduate from high school. I was the first in my immediate family to graduate from college. Half of my family is Hispanic (paternal side), and furthering oneself to access more opportunities is often emphasized in our culture.


What programs, outreach, or organizations are you involved in that give back to the community? Since I was 19 years old  I have volunteered with Human Rights Campaign, Mazzoni Center, LGBT Centers, Gay City Health Project (Seattle), AIDS/HIV organizations, Big Brother/youth programs, Unitarian Universalist churches, and many other organizations. There has never been a period in my life that I wasn’t volunteering for one organization or another.


What is a little known fact about you? One fact most people miss is that I am bi-racial. Because I appear only Caucasian, often individuals are surprised that my full name is Hispanic (middle name is Jose).  I grew up bilingual.  My grandfather was born in Mexico; and my grandmother is a Spaniard.


What is your guiltiest pleasure? Spicy food. The hotter, the better. I am not so fond of sweets, but I am addicted to spicy foods in their place.


To date, what has been your most favorite vacation spot? Western Europe. So far I have traveled to 12 countries there. Eventually I hope to see them all.


What is the last book you read? The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. The author explores why most businesses do not work and what new business owners can to avoid going under.