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Simplifying Your Life

When you decide to simplify your life, there are many options of issues in life to work on. Most people who find it difficult to know where to start. To simplify is really about figuring out when you have enough and then avoiding excess. Slow down and focus on your top priorities. If you haven’t already identified your priorities, when is a better time than now? Read on for some sensible organizing tips that can help you slim down the priorities in your life.First, examine your daily life. In what areas are you experiencing excess? Is your home or office cluttered with things you don’t use or need? Is your schedule so packed in that you have no time for self-care? These are some common areas to begin the process of simplification.

Second, compile a list of general areas of excess you want to target. You can choose to rank the items in in order of priority if is beneficial to you. Next to each general area, jot down some ideas for changes that can be made to rectify the situation. Here are some examples: If your bedroom is cluttered, you can plan to de-clutter the space under the bed or to organize the closet. If you’re inbox is flooded with tons of unopened emails, create a long-term plan to go through and sort them for 20-30 minutes each day until you’re done.

Finally, start to simplify just one area of your life. It may be your home, work space, or spending habits. Just focus on one area at a time. If you aim to do too much at once, that usually leads to feeling overwhelmed. My suggestion is to take on the biggest area of excess first. After you deal with that, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes next.

Simplifying your life means something different for each individual. For one person, this could mean working fewer hours this month. This could mean making some financial sacrifices, but gaining more time with the family. Another person might choose to clean out their car that has been cluttered for many months (or even years). Someone else might start their day by doing something more productive than spending an hour on the Internet.

What will you do to simplify your life?

Here are yet a few more ideas to start you on your journey:

  • Learn to say no to requests you really don’t want to do.
  • Edit down your online news feed.
  • Practice meditation or spending time in silence and reflection.
  • Eat less food, but more healthy options.
  • Precook meals at the beginning or end of each week.
  • Renew your New Year’s Resolution.
  • Weed out items from your closets.
  • Simplify your daily schedule.
  • Schedule more time for yourself.
  • Hire a professional organizer to help you de-clutter, manage paperwork, or get your spaces transformed!