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Are You Ready to Make Self Care a Priority?

There is exciting news I have to share with all of you. This fall, I will be transitioning my business, Spaces Transformed, to New York City! Please contact me if you’re a Philly resident who wants to complete an organizing project with me, or if you’re a New Yorker who would like to start an organizing venture with me this summer or fall. Below I’m sharing tips on how to make self care a priority, even though it can be tempting to disregard it when you’re super busy.

Imagine this scenario. You’re overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do. Way too many projects have piled up at work and in your home, and your calendar is overflowing with overdue tasks. To try and take on these endless tasks you slowly give up aspects of your social life, skip meals, and stop exercising. When we get stressed out, self care is often something that is sacrificed. The problem is that this actually causes us to have even higher levels of stress.

Even though many of us believe self care is a healthy option, it is actually essential to your daily productivity and overall health. In our busy society, we can easily sacrifice taking essential care of ourselves with the belief that the harder we work, the faster we can get it all done. But this approach can end up being counterproductive if your ability to function efficiently is compromised.

Practicing self care can feel like wasted time, but it can really boost your productivity. First, it helps you prevent completely burning out. Also, tending to your needs can reduce the unhealthy effects of stress. Self care is crucial to keep your body and mind functioning properly. Finally, self care promotes focus. If you take breaks after intervals of work, you perform at much higher levels of productivity.

Aside from taking regular breaks, it is also important to take time to eat meals and exercise regularly. Taking the time to nourish yourself and work out should be given the same consideration as an important appointment. It may feel like an easier choice to skip exercise due to the amount of time preparation, commuting, working out, and showering takes. But the payoff of feeling healthy, decreased stress levels, and a stronger immune system is all worth the effort.

Include enough time for proper eating and exercise in your daily schedule and you’ll should notice that you perform at a higher level and get more work done in your day. Find a way to hold yourself accountable by working out with friends, participating in group classes, hiring a professional trainer, or using an app like All Day or Lift Log.

Additionally, we all know it can be difficult to make healthy eating choices when we’re surrounded by processed foods that are easy to access. Instead of attempting to eat a completely healthy diet, you may find it helpful to focus on one specific eating goal at a time. Try cutting out most saturated fats, reducing carbohydrate or sugar intake, or eating more fruits and vegetables. If you rethink your approach to eating more healthy, the process will be a lot more manageable as you build good eating habits.

Practicing self care can work as the foundation that allows you to take care of everything else in your life. Isn’t it ironic that the first thing we sacrifice in an attempt to be more productive is our own well being? If you read this and find that you have fallen out of the practice of taking care of your own basic needs, then follow these tips to get back on track!

Cheers and Happy Summer,