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Make Organizing Fun!

Are you someone who thinks that organizing can be monotonous or difficult? The solution is to make organizing fun! If you want to learn how to do that, check out these tips.

1. Create a vision board. This may seem like a hokey step to take, but most people who have tried this (including myself) are surprised at how effective it is. The best result it often yields is that it visually shows you the benefits you’ll enjoy when your organizing project is completed. Besides, spending time doing something artistic is a stress reliever, and it will help motivate you when you get discouraged.
2. Identify with the end result. Draft a list of all the benefits you’ll enjoy after you get organized. Some common ones are: being able to find what you’re looking for, reducing stress, saving money, more time to spend with friends and family, and being able to host people in your organized home. You can continue to add to this list throughout your project. Read the list at the beginning of each day you organize to keep yourself connected to your goals.
3. Listen to music and include family & friends. To really liven up the environment, work to your favorite tunes. You can make an iPod playlist, find your favorite radio or Pandora station, or play CDs. If you have fun people who are willing to help out, assign them tasks to ease up your work load and to keep you company.
4. Schedule multiple mini-breaks. Every hour or so, take a 5-10 minute break and do something rewarding. Eat a healthy snack, walk around the block if it’s nice outside, or work on a hobby. Set the timer so you don’t get carried away on breaks!
5. Monitor your progress. As you execute organizing projects, write down noticeable changes or take before, during, and after photos. Tracking the progress you make will help you to celebrate your success when you see the drastic results.
6. Allow yourself to play. Organizing is about progress, not perfection. Not many of us have homes that would be featured in Architectural Digest if the photographers arrived at an unexpected time to shoot photos. We still have to live in functional homes when they are organized. If you give yourself permission to experiment while you organize, you will come up with creative new solutions to your organizational challenges.