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Get Refocused on Your Goals for 2014!

According to, “Getting Organized” ranks in second place of the top 10 New Years resolutions for 2014 (after “Lose Weight”). Most studies show that the critical period to make resolutions work is the first 2-3 weeks they are implemented. Even though your intentions may be sound, it takes about three weeks to form a new (positive) routine. If you haven’t been able to attain goals you made for the New Year, don’t give up yet! If you plan ahead this time to avoid common pitfalls, you’ll be more likely to get back on track to reach your goals.  


Once you have set your goals and planned them out, application and consistency is all that stands between you and your success. These actions are highly dependent on your motivation to achieve your goals. Of course, the path to your success is always filled with obstacles. If you haven’t been able to reach or maintain your goals so far this year, try again and avoid these common pitfalls this time:

1. Imbalance: Make time each day to pursue your goals. If you don’t make time in your schedule to spend working toward your goals, it is not going to be realized and sustained.

2. Distraction: Stay focused on the things that are most important to you. Practice saying no when others request things that don’t fit with your values or goals.

3. Procrastination: This is a true adversary to your goals. Make a concerted effort to avoid wasting time. Goals require a conscious and disciplined approach on a daily basis.

4. Excessive commitment:  Schedule your time realistically. Don’t attempt to do too much in too little time. If you do, you won’t have enough energy to focus on tasks and goals. Inevitably, this leads to exhaustion and failure.

5. Goal amnesia: With all the distractions in life, there are many goal busters that will cause you to lose touch with your plans. Keep the focus on your goals and, if you lose sight of them temporarily, jump right back on the band wagon and try again! There is no better way to succeed than to keep trying until your goal becomes a true reality.