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Morgan Stanley Broker

Having Daniel as an Organizer is like being in Switzerland with a great attitude. He prepared my home in the Upper East Side to be listed on the market, and he sorted de-cluttered decades of my belongings. Daniel is very professional and dependable, so the project was finished way sooner than expected. If he could just organize my mind the same way he arranged my storage spaces and closets!

Senior New Media Executive/Entrepreneur

Life seems to make more sense once Dan came into my life. I've worked with him multiple times and plan on continuing to do so. Not only has he helped me de-clutter, but he has also helped me understand of how things should flow in a home. His style is collaborative, so you don't feel like it is a system that you can't keep up on your own. Not to mention, he is kind, and his energy is calming--which in the chaos of clutter is essential.

Marine Biologist

Daniel has been a life-saver for me! I have been trying to down-size and organize for over 2 years and yet was still living in a world of boxes and furniture that I didn’t want. Not only did Daniel help me sort through stuff, but he did it in a supportive and empathetic way which made me feel confident I was making good choices.Daniel is very easy to work with, very responsive, and just a really nice person! I’ve enjoyed our conversations and he is so thoughtful (constantly reminding me to drink water and reward myself for my hard work). He never was judgmental or impatient and even spent time contacting experts for evaluations and preparing online sales and auctions. He would leave after each session with clear instructions of what I could do on my own, but to be perfectly honest, I seem to be unable to get things done without him here. And while friends have offered to help, I think Daniel’s professional experience and supportive demeanor have been so effective, I can’t imagine sorting through my stuff with anyone else :)I will definitely be hiring Daniel again to help me sort through my art and books. I hope he will guide me in terms of hanging art in my home (I’ve been too scared to even make a single hole in the walls!). I trust his taste, style, and “eye.”I’ve already recommended Daniel to my friends, and I would highly recommend him to everyone. We all have tasks that seem daunting, or stuff we don’t want, or clutter and disorganization in our home, and having someone with knowledge and patience, who listens to his clients, to help us get things done is invaluable!

by LeAnn Lindsey on Spaces Transformed
Managing Partner/Data Scientist

When I moved into New York City, Dan helped me organize difficult areas like my entryway closet, my kitchen, my huge collection of sheet music and my catch all corners in the house. It was amazing how much we got done in a short amount of time and I am still reaping the benefits of the investment. Thanks, Dan!

by Laura Brown on Spaces Transformed
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I set up a meeting with Dan to help me de-clutter as I prepared to move to Brooklyn Heights. It was a pleasure to work with him, and I will take with me many important lessons I learned while I worked with him. Dan is sensitive, thoughtful, curious, and wise. We even discussed the Japanese concept of "shibui," and now I'm making a conscious effort to be thoughtful and mindful with objects I have in my home. Also, I learned how I clinged to material things in ways that weren't always healthy, and that letting go can be liberating. I wish him great success with his business and I will recommend his services to all of my friends!

by Madeline Schwartz on Spaces Transformed
Attorney at Law

Dan is the best professional organizer I could have ever found! He made a very large and complicated move from a 6 bedroom home to a 3 bedroom a transition of especially low stress. I just can't thank him enough,  and I don't know what I would have done without him. Dan not only calmed me in every sense but showed me a better way to tackle life by being organized. He has been so instrumental to planning the move to my new home that I have hired him to help me with selecting the furniture and decor, finish all of the unpacking, and to help me sort through 30 years worth of legal and personal paperwork in my home office.

by Dr. Eli Glatstein on Spaces Transformed
Vice Chairman, Department of Radiation Oncology at Penn Medicine

Dan Loya has worked with me for most of the last year to help me organize my apartment, which I had allowed to devolve into a real mess. His help, understanding, and suggestions have all been tremendous at getting me to finally get organized. This has not come naturally to me and Dan’s intelligence, experience and common sense approach have been invaluable. He has been not only an effective consultant but also a pleasant one. I HIGHLY recommend him for consultation, advise, and assistance.

by Michelle Bonadonna on Spaces Transformed
Sales Executive at Avalon Apparel, LLC

Dan was amazing to work with. He helped me get my storage areas & travel accessories organized in a short amount of time. This streamlined the process of traveling back and forth between Los Angeles and New York City for my work in the fashion industry. Now my 21st Century life is functional again in my early 1900's home. Money well spent!

by Andrew Scordato on Spaces Transformed
Dancer - New York City Ballet

My husband and I moved into a new apartment in the Upper West Side of Manhattan with less storage than our previous place. Dan was so helpful in guiding us through managing what we have and making all of our storage spaces make the most sense. Without even having to get rid of much and without having to buy anything we were able to generate more space and really have a sense of where everything is. The best part of his help was we really feel like we can perpetuate the good habits gained with Dan's services!

Wife of Bill Green IV (Councilman-at-Large on the City Council of Philadelphia)

I was feeling overwhelmed with a move from a large home into a condo. Dan came and unpacked the belongings of my son's room with me (which were packed haphazardly into large trash bags). Within a few hours we sorted through the contents and my son's new room was organized. What a relief! I highly recommend Dan.

by Anne Harvey on Spaces Transformed
Environmental Scientist

I had taken to calling our house "Hoarderville" because our house had become just too cluttered. The mess was causing stress, and my spouse and I discussed hiring someone to help us declutter and get organized. We found Daniel Loya and his company Spaces Transformed, and he's a professional organizer with a background in psychology. When he came to meet us and assess our situation, we liked him right away and contracted with him.Daniel was calm and completely non-judgmental. In our fist session, we spent 3 hours in one room sorting, discarding and making decisions. Having a calm, disinterested third party is invaluable to the decision making process. He helped us decide what to do with with things and he had good suggestions. Daniel was familiar with resources that allowed us to keep most of our discards out of the landfill. Used clothing, books, and even plastic bags were donated or recycled.By the end of the first three-hour session the room looked amazingly better- the opposite of what usually happened when we tried to tackle the mess on our own. Daniel's influence extends beyond the actual hours he works in your house. We still have work to do, but several rooms are being transformed already and we've made a concerted effort not to backslide.I encourage everyone to take the first step and contact Daniel to have him work with you using his simple, but effective techniques for tackling messes.

by Molly Crotty on Spaces Transformed
Business Consultant

I had just moved across the country and ended up having my 80 year old mother living with me which wasn't part of the plan. I was faced with trying to merge two households into a small but gorgeous space, and my living room had boxes piled high - almost reaching the 10 foot ceilings. I also had a very busy and demanding work schedule. As someone who needs to be organized and know where things are - this situation was not helping my mental health.Dan is an incredibly patient, non-judgmental, get it done (without pressure) kind of a guy. I literally felt paralyzed every time I looked at all those boxes. Dan just dove right in and helped me figure out what to keep - he told me it was like shopping for the best stuff without having to spend any money, and that appealed to me. I felt like my mom and I literally wouldn't fit in the space we had (my mother had been living in a house for 50 years). But, with Dan's help we got it done and found a place for everything. Every time Dan came to see me I felt 10 pounds lighter as we made consistent progress.Dan has great advice for practical things - like paperwork which I'm never sure what to do with. He also changed how I think about things - he made me realize (for me) too much clutter makes me feel encumbered. I finally managed to let go of things I had bought but really didn't like that much, but felt guilty because I had spent money on them. I wasn't sure what this whole organizing thing was about, but I highly recommend it if you want to make your home more functional. Dan has so many suggestions that helped me, and he's a lovely person to spend some time with - you won't regret it, it's money well spent!

by Amy Voloshin on Spaces Transformed
Founder of Printfresh Studio

Dan has been wonderful to work with. He has helped us out at our office numerous times, and we have always been impressed with the end results. His positive and calm approach worked well with my team, and we were able to organize and create zones in our storage areas. It has made it easier for teams to access supplies, and store trade-show supplies when not in use, and eliminate materials we no longer needed. I plan to have him come to our office on a yearly basis to keep us organized and efficient!

by Sasha Fung on Spaces Transformed
Retail Associate/Art Student

Dan is creative, honest yet tactful, and sensitive to the wants, needs, and priorities of his clients. Working with him has been like a crash course in life skills. To take it even further, he has been a helpful hand, empathetic ear, voice of reason, and excellent coach for behavior modification.If you are looking to build a relationship with someone who can truly make a difference in the functionality of your living space...and coach you on your decision to make the ultimate shift into a more effective way of living (physically and digitally), then work with Dan Loya!

by Nanci Kountz on Spaces Transformed
Principal Accountant

Dan is so easy to work with and has great ideas! He helps keep me going through difficult projects.

by Alison Kwan on Spaces Transformed
Professor at University of Alaska Anchorage

My husband, Derick, and I greatly benefited from working with Dan. He helped us as a couple to move beyond our limited ideas by suggesting solutions that we hadn't thought of before. Dan was hands-on and worked with what we had; most importantly, he kept us on track to reach our goals. Our space is now more organized, comfortable and ready to accommodate our growing family with two children and one on the way.

by Lynette Veelman on Spaces Transformed
CEC Teacher

Dan has helped me organize not only my spaces, but also my daily routines.  We worked together in my Early Childhood Education classroom, and in the storage areas of my home. His method of creating "zones" and other organizing systems have helped me to get things done and be successful!  Most importantly, Dan is a good listener,  kind, and considerate.

by Pam Cohen on Spaces Transformed
Main Line Entrepreneur

Dan was fantastic when he worked with me. He arrived a bit early, was very clear as how to proceed, very supportive and generous with his time. He was open minded and nonjudgmental.

by Inez Nelson on Spaces Transformed
eBay Solutions Analyst

Dan is the organizing man! I was so overwhelmed and felt so much anxiety about organizing my house. My original plan was to hire an organizer and leave the individual to do the brunt of the work alone. I am so glad Dan worked with me "hands on" during the whole organizing process.Dan was flexible with scheduling, very professional and personable, and a great teacher. I learned so many techniques that I felt empowered to take on some of the work on my own between sessions. Dan felt like my teammate and an accountability partner while we plowed through what seemed to be a daunting task. When we were done I literally felt mentally clear and spiritually lighter. If you are looking to get organized, I highly recommend you get Dan!

by Kristi Acuff on Spaces Transformed
Human Resources Executive

After Dan worked with me in my craft room, I was inspired to continue organizing and had I had a system to implement in other areas of my home. The journey will continue, and it feels good to be 'downstuffing.' Thank you so much, Dan, for sharing principles of organization with me!

by Paul Fontaine on Spaces Transformed

I have never been very organized with paperwork so I called Dan, hoping he could help me with this long-standing problem. He asked key questions to determine the best strategies, and in no time my home office space was a cleaner, neater, and more peaceful place to work. I feel so much less stress when I walk Into my office now. Dan did such a good job with my home office, I asked him to help me organize my work office. Now that space is much better and it facilitates productivity as well.

by Jesse Cute on Spaces Transformed
Director of Publicity & Promotion

Before I contacted Spaces Transformed, my storage spaces (closets, drawers, basement, under furniture) were cluttered and disorganized. Since I worked with Dan, it feels like I live in a whole new home! My entire space feels cleaner, lighter, and brighter. If you need help de-cluttering areas that are 'out of sight, out of mind,' I highly recommend that you work with Dan Loya.

by Elaine Nowak on Spaces Transformed
Corporate Health Insurance Consultant

Before I worked with Dan, my garage was full of boxes that were stacked from floor to ceiling. I have a tendency to hold onto things, and I wasn't able to park my car in the two-car space because of the clutter. We worked on a daily basis, sorting items that were in the boxes until we went through every one. Dan was a great sounding board when I was in conflict about whether or not to keep items, and he’s excellent at determining the potential value of collectibles.We sorted everything and repacked the stuff I kept. Everything else was shredded, recycled, or donated. Dan even designed a system to store all the boxes in shelves around the side of the garage, and he created a labeling system so I can tell what is in each individual box. When we finished, my car fits perfectly into the garage and I can now find things easily!After we organized my garage, I hired Dan to sort paperwork for my taxes and organize files at my corporate office. He is also wonderful at creating efficient filing systems. I trust Dan to work with me on projects I would never allow anyone else to do.

by Rie Brosco on Spaces Transformed
Professional Organizer

Dan began his work with me as an apprentice by helping me to organize the move into my new office. I initially asked him to treat me as he would a client. His recommendations were presented in a gentle, respectful and supportive manner and he suggested insightful options and alternatives. He made it clear, however, that all decisions were ultimately mine to make.He accompanied me to my clients’ homes and was a great help in the planning and executing of the organizing process. It was a joy to discover that one of Dan’s strengths is paperwork management. The last client we worked with collaboratively, Dan was able to work with the client organizing the massive amounts of paperwork, while I was able to focus on the physical designs and construction of shelving/storage units for her.I highly recommend Dan and continue to refer clients to him!

by Rejoice Jula on Spaces Transformed
Development Manager

At first I thought Dan was going to tell me what to throw away and what to keep, but then I quickly realized that decisions were solely mine based on what was important to me. Dan was VERY patient in helping me to de-clutter areas. I never felt rushed or pressured in the organization process. Dan allowed me ample time to make determinations as to what I should keep, give or throw away. “Whatever works best for you” was the phrase Dan used throughout the organizing process, reminding me that my bedroom and home office should be functional according to my needs.Dan helped me to recognize ways to optimize my limited storage space. He also had great recommendations for products within my budget that would help me stay organized. After we finished, I was proud of how my spaces looked and felt sense of calm. In the end, I am so happy with the finished product and very much enjoyed working with Dan!