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5 Tips to Set and Maintain Goals

If you are determined to get more organized, here are some helpful hints to achieve and maintain this goal in the long-term:

1.Make the goal attainable. For instance, you may want to aim to get one room organized at a time, each within a specific time period.

2. Plan well ahead. Make sure to strategize by writing out a plan of action before you begin the organization process.
3. Get others involved. If you hide your intentions to get organized, you will be less likely to stick to the goal. Stating your goals out loud and having others keep you accountable will help you to internalize your intention.
4. Reward yourself. For every major task you complete, find a way to celebrate your success in coming closer to the overall goal.
5. Stick with it. Studies show it takes 21 days to form a new habit. If you organize spaces in your home and you implement new systems, be patient and within 3 weeks (or less) it should feel like it is second-nature!